Tomorrow lab

A platform designed to disseminate stories about the impact of science on people's lives with a goal of encouraging philanthropic action. Think Kickstarter-for-Charity, or Crowdrise before Crowdrise existed..

The Weizmann Institute of Science

Though relatively unknown in the US, the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel is responsible for some of the most noteworthy scientific breakthroughs of the last half-century. Their research focuses on six key areas of study: Fighting Cancer, Advancing Technology, Enriching Education, Protecting Our Planet, Improving Health and Medicine, and Exploring the Physical World.

The American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science is the US-based fundraising and marketing arm of the Institute, tasked with raising both awareness and money to fund research. While historically a major gifts organization (think checks with lots of zeroes), ACWIS found itself losing momentum as a new generation of donors struggled to relate to the science pursued at the institute.

Project Completed at: POKE NY (now Makeable)

Client: The American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science

Role: Product Lead



Introducing Tomorrow Lab
Tomorrow Lab is a product/platform designed to make the deep science and research at the Weizmann Institute both relatable and sharable by allowing visitors to make personalized dedications in support of a specific area of research. Each dedication lives as a stand-alone crowd-funding platform that the creator can share with family, friends and followers to encourage further action.

Creating a Dedication
At the heart of Tomorrow Lab is the dedication process, a video "mad-lib" creator that records a user's personal message and inserts it into a pre-existing format to create a complete dedication.


The Final Product:
The finished product of the dedication process is a video that automagically combines the user's personal selections with pre-created content that matches their selected area of support (Fighting Cancer, Advancing Technology, etc.). 


A home for every dedication:

Each dedication created lives on it's own shareable page that tracks the level of engagement and fundraising that particular dedication has garnered (just like a Kickstarter page does for a project).