Some clarity on being a square peg...


I can't describe how many times I've interviewed or met someone who's reaction was something along the lines of "Wow, I know I need someone like you on my team, but I just don't know where to put you." Perhaps these answers will help clarify things a little. (Or maybe they'll just confuse the situation.) 


Are you a product manager or a product designer? 

I'm a product strategist with a robust design skillset and a deep background in marketing. I sit at the intersection of product strategy/management & design, and I believe that at the senior-most level, the two are inextricably entwined.

What is your approach? 

I'm a proponent of the GSD (Get Shit Done) approach to product management/development. I have experience with waterfall, agile, and lean methodologies. In my experience, the simple reality is that every team works and functions differently. As a product person, I see it as my responsibility to help determine the best approach and toolset for my team.

Wait, so you're a designer?

Yes, I'm an experienced UX/UI and visual designer who's created digital work for mobile, responsive web, and digital installations. In a past life, I also worked on traditional mediums including: print, outdoor, television, and packaging. I was involved in the experience and visual design process for every project you'll find on this site, either in a directorial role or as a direct-hands-on-pushing-pixels-actual-contributor kinda role. 

Do you have experience managing & growing teams? 

I have managed teams through every aspect of the ideation, design, and development process. Some of those teams were a couple of people while others were large, cross-functional teams from multiple organizations who were all contributing to a project I've led. 

I'm also comfortable mentoring young designers & strategists and fostering teamwork/growth within an organization. I've created and led internship programs and have hired and mentored team members who have gone on to found companies and/or sign up for roles at major tech companies (like Facebook and Makerbot) and agencies.

Do you code? 

The short answer is no — I am not an engineer. However, I am well versed in the capabilities of today's primary technologies. I'm skillful with HTML/CSS and have done some basic Javascript work. I understand the needs of an engineering team and have worked closely with engineers and developers to bring ideas to life many times over.