Slack: Growing Meaningful conversation

The Problem:
Every day, human beings create new Slack teams. These people are not officially tasked with finding new enterprise software in their day-to-day role, but they have a problem that they think Slack can solve.

The most successful Slack team creators are able to get several people to create accounts on their team ave a meaningful conversation within the product in the first day or so. Inviting people to a new product is fairly straightforward - we can set that aside. What is much more difficult is getting 3 or more people to have a meaningful conversation in a new messaging service.

The Task:
Go through the process of creating a new Slack team. Assume that you are someone with a reasonable level of intent in creating this team: you have a problem that you think Slack can solve. Identify issues or missed opportunities with the current new user experience that you think hold people back from having meaningful conversations in Slack. Generate ideas for experiments to run that you think would positively impact this metric. Prepare materials for a plan that ranks your ideas in priority order. Flesh out at least 3 of those ideas into experiments you think the Growth team should run.

Growing meaningful conversation for slack newcomers

Project Completed For: Slack