Snapchat: Discover

The Problem:
To date, the Discover platform has been limited to a limited, highly curated selection of partners. We believe we have achieved product/market fit for Discover, and we're now looking to expand to a broader group of content partners. What brand and/or content experience do you feel is missing from Discover?

The Task:
Create a style guide for that brand and define how it would fit into the Discover ecosystem, including:

  • Mission:
  • Color palette:
  • Mood board:
  • Fonts:
  • Main content types covered:
  • Mock of what long form content looks like for three content types:
    • Photo gallery:
    • List:
    • Video:
  • Mock of what Top Snap franchises look and feel are:
  • Create a mock test edition of top snaps and long form content (when applicable). Minimum 10 snaps for the edition

Red bull for snapchat discover

Project Completed For: Snapchat