date night is...

An application that recommends location-specific, interest-aware date ideas for couples in established relationships.

I founded this company and led a small team in creating an application to recommend location-specific, personalized date ideas for couples in established relationships. In spite of the rampant growth of online dating as a means to meet new people, there are few technologies that exist to serve couples who are solidly in the "we" stages of a relationship. 

Role: Co-founder, CEO, Visual Designer, Partnership Development, Product Manager, etc.


Date Night is a million things to a million different couples.
But there's one common thread we've discovered across couples everywhere. Once you're dating — once you've reached the point in your relationship where you start talking about us and we — you stop going out on dates. Candle-lit dinners become take-out containers and theatre tickets become streaming movies. Date Night gives way to the ease and simplicity of routine.

The Story
My girlfriend (now wife) and I founded Date Night Is... in early 2013. The idea was born out of our own relationship. After one too many "date nights" that consisted of a movie and dinner on the sofa, we decided it was time to put ourselves to task and make a change. Then something interesting happened... the more couples we spoke to, the more we heard "we need that too!" With that in mind, we set out to help couples everywhere.

The Product
The latest iteration of Date Night Is... was designed to focus on a discovery-first mechanism of providing date ideas. Content fit into one of five categories: dining, experiences, places, things, and articles. The personalized feed was designed around an active learner — the more a user/couple interacts with the site, the smarter the application gets about which category and type of date idea get served up on a user-by-user basis.