Imagebrief is a startup with the goal of disrupting the world of stock photography for both buyers and photographers by building a two-sided marketplace in which photo buyers solicit and license previously unsold images from photographers.

Initial Strategy
I was originally hired by the ImageBrief team for a 3-day strategic engagement. I was tasked with completing a comprehensive analysis of their existing product in order to come up with opportunities for product enhancements, possibilities for new product development, and social marketing opportunities to grow the ImageBrief userbase of both photographers and art buyers.

Product Design
Based on the value of the ideas put forth during my initial strategic work, I was subsequently contracted to spend the last 3 months of 2013 working in-house with the ImageBrief team. During this engagement I worked with the Imagebrief team to rethink and redesign nearly every touchpoint of the Imagebrief experience as well as input on the design and strategy of an investor deck for upcoming fundraising efforts. 

Some of my design efforts are documented as follows...

Role: Consultant, Product Designer, Immersion Day Facilitator



The ImageBrief homepage.
I designed a simple homepage that would funnel the appropriate target (image buyers vs. photographers) to a newly created page designed to speak specifically to their needs (see below).


Audience-specific landing pages for image buyers and photographers.
These pages were designed to begin the onboarding process for each target type and to provide a target-specific landing page for ImageBrief marketing efforts.


The brief creation process for art buyers:
For image buyers, the quality of photo submissions dictates the likelihood of a return customer. The relevance and quality of those photos rely on the buyer's ability to clearly communicate what they're looking for in an image. With these issues in mind, I redesigned the brief submission process to both simplify it and to ensure that photographers received the right information to guide their submissions.


An updated visual design for brief pages:


A new process to facilitate communication between buyers and photographers:
After conducting an Immersion Day — an in-person interview and focus group session — with ~20 ImageBrief photographers, it became clear that communication between buyers and photographers was a key issue. I redesigned the communication process (both the consumer-facing and administrative side) to provide an easier and more public means to request and receive feedback directly on a brief page.


A redesigned photographer profile page:
The future vision for ImageBrief was the creation of a platform that allows not only for the discovery of images, but also the discovery and hiring of photographers. The Photographer Profile Page plays a key role in this process and serves as the home base for any photographer looking to get hired through ImageBrief.