Prototype: Snackable video mobile app


Design and prototype build of a mobile app focused on video consumption in a "snackable" format. Users are presented with a selection of categorized videos and dropped directly into viewing the most interesting portion of that video (as defined by user actions within the app). This project utilizes a mobile variation of the Hypermedia Video Player. 

Hypermedia Video Player


The web we're all used is built on hypertext. The linking of webpages (documents) online allows us to fall down the rabbit hole that is the internet and powers the search engines that we know and love today. Search engines hunt for contextual text snippets, helping you find relevant documents. Not so with video... As the internet of text has given way to the socially connected internet of video, search simply hasn't caught up.

The TV Genome

Tagasauris for Disney/ABC

Early-on, Tagasauris built a best-in-class analysis platform for image content — a computer that could look at, and interpret, photos. When we were contacted by Disney's R&D team, they had a question: Could we do the same for video?

Demo: Search within video


A simple proof of concept focused on demonstrating our ability to search within the context of a video driven by a proprietary computer vision algorithm. We used this work as the basis to create one of the most robust A.I. models for cars, trucks, and other automobiles. After training, our model was capable of identifying any make/model of vehicle produced in the last ~40 years.  



I designed this proof of concept to explore what might happen if we connect the world's largest content library (YouTube) to the world's largest marketplace (Amazon) to surface shoppable moments within any video. Could we turn YouTube into the millennial version of the Home Shopping Network?